Revfin is an electric vehicle financing company that gives loans to independent drivers to buy electric vehicles. These drivers come from the disadvantaged strata of society who will otherwise not have any access to finance. Misfits managed to get 25K new followers in a short period of time with fascinating stories of such drivers, videos and visuals depicting various facts and statistics.

Begumpul RRTS Station

NCRTC wanted to capture and showcase the technical challenges overcome by the RRTS project for the Begumpul UG Station. This station is still being constructed so this film has to use extensive 3D animation to illustrate the method of construction. The 3D animation was generated using the architectural files with high level of detailing. The animation was embedded in drone and ground camera footage to give it a real life feel. The overall film was packaged with a voice over to deliver an outstanding film


Timelapse videos are a great way to capture the making of something, a bridge, a building (remember the Burj Khalifa timelapse which went viral!) , a painting , a sculpture, a house…anything really. It brings to light the effort and skill that went into building something. This timelapse captures the making and installation of a special steel bridge by NCRTC for the RRTS project. Misfits can setup timelapse cameras, capture the footage and edit it to produce a captivating video of the making of anything.

Short Video For NCRTC

Misfits is adept at creating short videos meant for dissemination on social media. This video which highlights one of the key features of the RRTS project being executed by NCRTC – the integration of RRTS with other means of public transport, is an example of short duration videos.

Sahibabad RRTS Station

This short film on the Sahibabad RRTS Station combines ground camera and drone videography with high level of 3D animation to present to the viewer a glimpse of the upcoming Sahibabad Station and how it will look like when fully constructed. High quality voice over guides the viewer through an introduction to the various facets of the station and the facilities it will bring to the commuters.