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Web application, Mobile Application

Misfits builds web applications and mobile applications on latest technology stack using the Industry best practices and processes. The websites and mobile applications are constructed to give a delightful User Experience (UX) which includes functionality, usability and user adaptability.

The applications are intuitively designed with simple and easy to follow navigation and as little taps and clicks as possible with the sole idea of making the website user friendly and fit for purpose. Check our Services here.

Corporate, Personal, Product

Misfits Creative team  has several years of experience of building Corporate and Product branding. The team has now extended their services to do Personal branding as well.

A successful branding emerges from a strong foundation of knowledge about the Corporate business or the Product functionalities and usefulness. The branding team engages with the client at different levels to clearly understand how their business operate or how the product functions.

Films & Video
Short film, Documentaries, Videos

The Misfits team create videos, films and documentaries for Corporate and Non-governmental Organizations. The videos, films and documentaries are mostly about corporate products or social awareness programs. They are more in visual and less in scripts for social awareness documentaries while the corporate product films are precise in scripts and visuals with strict focus on Product features. The Social awareness videos and documentaries are mostly a  visual story with almost no scripts yet engages the reader beautifully.

Managing Director

Siddharth Verma (Sid)

A techie with a passion for intuitive UX designs for Web and mobile applications. He is hands-on in almost all new technologies and understands the nuances very well. Loves to spend time in the Wild and explore jungles of India.

Senior Technical Lead


You give him any technical problem and he will find a solution. A problem-solver in the technical team, he is the man to go for all. An extremely hard working and sincere person eager to help anyone who needs his support to solve any technical issue.

Art Director

Abdul Rahman

Abdul is a genius when it comes to Graffiti Art. He secured distinction in Masters in Fine Arts. Whether it is in New Delhi's Select City Walk or Canvas Paintings in Jamia, he has left his creative imprints all over. He is one of the distinguished winners of the Wallbook Graffiti Competition where he competed with 300 artists.

Quality Assurance

Sanchayita Deb

A tester by choice and loves to find faults in almost everything. A very positive person whose sole aim is to prevent any serious defects to slip into production. Whether it is software or content, attention to detail is the key.

UI/UX Designer

Mohd Amaan

Amaan is a multi-skilled designer who uses UI, UX and visual design to communicate ideas easily and effectively. A quick learner who picked up technology in no time and helped deliver smart websites.


Tushar Goyal

Tushar lives and breathes software. As a programmer he has worked across the full-stack of software development. He also sometimes wear the tester hat and help the test team meet deadlines.