Sahibabad RRTS Station

This short film on the Sahibabad RRTS Station combines ground camera and drone videography with high level of 3D animation to present to the viewer a glimpse of the upcoming Sahibabad Station and how it will look like when fully constructed. High quality voice over guides the viewer through an introduction to the various facets of the station and the facilities it will bring to the commuters.

RRTS Commuter Benefit Film

NCRTC was keen to showcase the multifarious benefits that the Delhi – Meerut RRTS project is slated to bring to the residents of town and cities along its route. This film was produced with this objective in mind. It talks to various residents and potential commuters on the RRTS trains and brings forth their excitement and high expectations from the project. 

SHF Video

Misfits produced this music video for Sambandh Health Foundation to spread awareness of the consequence of Tobacco consumption among the youth and motivate them to quit Tobacco consumption in all its form. Tobacco is the largest preventable cause of death in the world and in India. Sambandh works on advocacy to bring about stricter controls on tobacco usage. Mayukh Hazarika is the artist in the video.

MIND Explainer Video

Misfits produced an explainer video to promote iDACS, a product from MothersonSumi INfotech & Designs Ltd (MIND). iDACS is an IoT based ERP/ Machine agnostic system from MIND with real-time data acquisition & production monitoring capabilities. iDACS enables 4M control across the shop floor through smart decision enabling insights to stakeholders.